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Get A Load of This!

If you’re looking for a new, easy-to-use cartridge battery, then you need to dab on down™ to Happy Habits™ and check out the Lookah “Load!” This device takes any 510 threaded cartridges, has a great palm feel to it, provides an LED screen for wattage and battery life, and is USB rechargeable! Don’t you deserve a better vaping experience?

Get A Load of This!2022-11-14T14:48:46-05:00

I Can See Clearly Now, The Light Is On

The RAW Perspector is a USB rechargeable, lighted magnifying glass with an ultra-bright LED light built in. It’s amazing for taking perfect, close-up shots of your dank nugs. It also has places to hold a lighter, your rolling papers, and a couple of pre-rolls. A must-have for photographers, model builders, and anyone working with small parts.

I Can See Clearly Now, The Light Is On2022-10-19T17:40:23-04:00

Too High And Beyond!

If you don’t want to just get high, but want to be sent into orbit, check out the “APX Dry Herb Vaporizer” by Pulsar! This sweet device has multiple heat settings, a large ceramic chamber for your product, and is USB rechargeable with an LED screen indicating battery life and temperature settings. Come by any Happy Habits® and check this awesome astronaut Vaporizer! 9 out of 10 cartoon astronauts recommend Pulsar brand vapes!

Too High And Beyond!2022-08-01T16:16:14-04:00

Can I Get One? Yes, Yocan!

Get everybody to check you out in the room, with a slick gold Yocan “Uni”! These amazing Cartridge Batteries are adaptable to pretty much every 510 Thread Cartridge. They are easy to use, easy to adjust diameter and length, and are 100 percent USB rechargeable. Come to your nearest Happy Habits® and ask us about them!

Can I Get One? Yes, Yocan!2022-07-27T18:41:51-04:00
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