We Guess You Could Call This A Gator-Aid…

This piece is pretty unique. This is a glass tool, that is used as a poker while smoking out of pipes. It was designed to be shaped like an alligator, to make your smoking experience as fun as possible. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and check out this and all of our exceptional and interesting glass pieces.

We Guess You Could Call This A Gator-Aid…2022-09-05T14:48:46-04:00

The Best of Both Worlds

Here is a pretty unique piece from our glass collection at our Newburgh location. This pipe is called a ‘Bubbler’. It’s like having a water pipe, except it’s the size of a hand pipe. This water pipe can easily be transported, unlike a full-sized water pipe. Dab on down™ and check them out at any of our five Happy Habits® locations! See you soon!

The Best of Both Worlds2022-09-02T18:48:57-04:00

So Much Of Life Is Better With Glitter!

While not all that glitters is gold, it certainly can be as pretty. At first blush, this looks like an ordinary green pipe with a ladybug on it, but it’s much more than that! The inside of the pipe is filled with glitter liquid, so when you move the pipe, it has a snow globe effect. If you’re looking to add a little razzmatazz to your smoke session, then Happy Habits® has you covered! These sparkles will glisten with awesomeness and impress your friends, not to mention how cool it will look, when you’re baked!

So Much Of Life Is Better With Glitter!2022-07-22T21:01:16-04:00
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