Working Smart, Not Hard

RAW’s pre-rolled cones have a stiff cardboard tip, that will support the entire cone. The RAW Ash Catcher monopolizes upon this, by letting you rest it, as though it were a stick of incense in an incense holder, neatly catching any falling ash. This is perhaps one of the most ingenious ashtrays you’ll come across. Dab on down™ and grab yours at Happy Habits®. 

Working Smart, Not Hard2022-09-16T21:22:45-04:00

Perfect Rolling, Every Time

The RAW Perfect Cone Maker is one of our favorite tools. Just wrap you rolling paper around it and lick the gummed edge, for a perfect cone every time! Then you just fill your pre-rolled cone and can use the tool as a poker/tamper, to make sure it’s packed just right. If you’re someone who’s been stymied by trying to roll your own, then this is a must-have! Dab on down™ to Happy Habits®, where you’ll find everything you could possibly need to make your next smoke session spectacular!

Perfect Rolling, Every Time2022-09-08T14:55:14-04:00
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