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Enjoy The Catch of The Day

This glass pipe is pretty unique. It is a one-hitter blown into the shape of a fish. Its delicate iridescence will make a spectacular addition to anyone’s collection. Why a one-hitter? There are so many reasons! Maybe what you’re smoking is really potent. Perhaps you’re trying to quit cigarettes and you’re slowly weaning yourself off. Whatever the reason you would want a one-hitter, this is definitely one you won’t want to pass up! Dab on down™ to Happy Habits®, and hook yourself an amazing piece like this!

Enjoy The Catch of The Day2022-08-29T18:42:36-04:00

Leaf It To Us, To Have What You Want

The neat thing about an ashtray with a pot leaf shape is that you can easily rest 5 cigarettes or joints on the ashtray, without getting in other people’s way. An ashtray like this makes a good piece for a group gathering. That being said, this cool silicone ashtray is just one of the many awesome ashtrays in the Happy Habits® collection. We have ‘em in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Dab on down™ and find something new and interesting to brighten up your home.

Leaf It To Us, To Have What You Want2022-08-29T18:23:01-04:00
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