Perfect Rolling, Every Time

The RAW Perfect Cone Maker is one of our favorite tools. Just wrap you rolling paper around it and lick the gummed edge, for a perfect cone every time! Then you just fill your pre-rolled cone and can use the tool as a poker/tamper, to make sure it’s packed just right. If you’re someone who’s been stymied by trying to roll your own, then this is a must-have! Dab on down™ to Happy Habits®, where you’ll find everything you could possibly need to make your next smoke session spectacular!

Perfect Rolling, Every Time2022-09-08T14:55:14-04:00

We Guess You Could Call This A Gator-Aid…

This piece is pretty unique. This is a glass tool, that is used as a poker while smoking out of pipes. It was designed to be shaped like an alligator, to make your smoking experience as fun as possible. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and check out this and all of our exceptional and interesting glass pieces.

We Guess You Could Call This A Gator-Aid…2022-09-05T14:48:46-04:00

Life Is Art, Live Yours In Color

Keep it lit with the Clippers! Break one of these awesome bad boys out at your next smoke session! They’re bright and colorful and the removable plastic igniter can be used as a poking tool! How cool is that?!?! Swing by any of our convenient Happy Habits locations and pick yours, from our large selection!

Life Is Art, Live Yours In Color2022-06-16T13:58:56-04:00
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