Get Your Own Bag of Holding

It kinda looks like a lunch box tbh…. but that’s PERFECT, if you are trying to keep you stash hidden/out of sight. The hemp bag is a large smell-proof bag that has SIX extra layers for trapping odors. Not only that but it has lots of extra/hidden storage and can be code locked with your chosen code. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and grab one, before they’re all gone.

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There Are Times That Size Does Matter

Anyone who smokes bud knows that having a good tray is critical to making your life easier. However, there are times when a large, full-sized tray is inconvenient to have. That’s why there are mini trays. They’re easily transported and fit nicely in just about any bag, even a purse. That being said, we also carry just as many full-sized ones, if you’re not into the whole mini thing. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and see the selection of mini trays we have available. We have so many different ones, that you’ll have no difficulty finding one you like.

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Too High And Beyond!

If you don’t want to just get high, but want to be sent into orbit, check out the “APX Dry Herb Vaporizer” by Pulsar! This sweet device has multiple heat settings, a large ceramic chamber for your product, and is USB rechargeable with an LED screen indicating battery life and temperature settings. Come by any Happy Habits® and check this awesome astronaut Vaporizer! 9 out of 10 cartoon astronauts recommend Pulsar brand vapes!

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