Freeze! This Isn’t Your Standard Water Pipe!

Claim your crown jewel with any of our Krave Glycerin Water Pipes! These glycerin pieces contain special chemicals that allow them to be put in the fridge or freezer to be chilled, without cracking the glass. This will give you some of the smoothest hits! So say “Bye Bye” to crummy ice cubes and say “Hello” to your new Freezable Krave Water Pipe!

Freeze! This Isn’t Your Standard Water Pipe!2022-08-18T16:35:22-04:00

Yeah, Science, Bitch!

Have you seen these awesome and colorful liquid hand pipes from Krave? Why are they awesome, you ask? Well, most of the harshness in our smoke comes from the smoke’s temperature. The liquid in the pipes is designed to not expand when it’s frozen. This way, your pipe cools your smoke for you. See, we said it was awesome! Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® to pick your favorite color and forever improve your smoking sessions!

Yeah, Science, Bitch!2022-08-03T16:58:20-04:00

Sometimes, You Get Form And Function

The Krave water pipe collection is not only colorful and aesthetically pleasing, but it creates a whole new type of smoking experience! You can place the bowl, slide, and/or water pipe into your fridge or freezer to create hits that are less harsh to the throat!

Sometimes, You Get Form And Function2022-08-03T16:36:36-04:00
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