It’s Dab-a-rific!

This here is a Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Kit. This kit comes with the device, a tip cover, a coil, a cleaning brush, and a USB cable charger. These are pretty easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable. These devices help to make dabbing a pretty easy and clean process. This device has a 650 mah battery and a type-C charging port. The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 is similar to most vaping devices and has 3 different voltages/temperatures: 3.2V – Low, 3.6V – Medium, and 4.1V – High. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and enjoy one today!

It’s Dab-a-rific!2022-10-17T13:55:14-04:00

Lookah At This Amazing Device!

The Lookah Q8 is an e-Neil vape to use for your wax. Some of the bells and whistles include a 3000mAh battery, safe mode, and a digital display. It can reach temperatures of up to 750 degrees in about 15 seconds. The air-flow is adjustable and it also has a preheat mode. If you’re a wax smoker who wants to take it with you, then you need this in your kit. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® to get yours today!

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For Serious Smokers Only

Any serious smoker needs a travel box for their kit. This awesome box is made from solid wood and is filled with customizable compartments to hold whatever smoking equipment you need to bring with you on your travels. It’ll hold your lighters, your pipe, your bud, pipe screens, and more. It even has a removable wooden piece, so you can keep small pieces easily accessible.

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