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Lookah Seahorse 2.0


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The Seahorse 2.0 2-in-1 device has a manual and automatic mode, both of which can operate in 3 voltage modes 3.2V low, 3.6V medium, 4.1V high. The standard 510 thread fitting allows this vaporizer to be used with 510 cartridges as well as the Lookah dab tips for the smoothest nectar.

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Introducing the Seahorse 2.0, the latest dab pen from Lookah for 2021.

Lookah meticulously crafted this device based on feedback from the original Seahorse, aiming to create the most user-friendly, enjoyable, and cost-effective dab pen on the market. And we’re proud to say, they’ve nailed it.

Featuring a magnetic mouthpiece, cleaning the Seahorse 2.0 is a breeze. Simply detach it for separate cleaning with the included brush or a q-tip. The air path is streamlined from the dab tip to the mouthpiece, ensuring hassle-free cleaning with just a swipe of isopropyl alcohol using the cleaning brush. Just remember to remove the coil beforehand to prevent any damage.

The magnetic ring securely holds the tip cap in place, safeguarding it when not in use and minimizing the risk of it falling or getting misplaced. Plus, the Seahorse 2.0 is compatible with Seahorse quartz and ceramic coils, as well as the latest Lookah coil, renowned for its durability and ease of use.

With a reversible USB Type-C port for charging, worrying about cable orientation and port damage becomes a thing of the past, making recharging a breeze even in your highest moments.

Like its predecessor, this vape pen offers both manual and automatic modes, each with three voltage settings (low, medium, and high). Its standard 510 thread fitting allows compatibility with a wide range of cartridges and dab tips, while its versatility extends to functioning as an e-nail with your water pipe.


  1. Battery: 650mAh
  2. Rapid heating
  3. Compatible with numerous 510 cartridges
  4. Portable and adaptable to bongs
  5. One device, multiple applications
  6. Type-C Charging Port

The Seahorse 2.0 Kit Includes: 1x Seahorse 2.0 1x Magnetic Tip Cover 1x Seahorse Coil Type III 1x Cleaning Brush 1x USB Cable

*Colors may vary. If we are out of stock of your selected color we will substitute it with a different color. 


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