21 04, 2023

Because A Mouth Shouldn’t Be Arid


Are you tired of cotton mouth, after having a nice long smoke sesh? Happy Habits® has your solution; Tasty Puff cotton mouth spray! It’s like bringing rain to the Sahara! We offer this and many other cool accessories to allow to maximize the enjoyment of your smoke, so dab on down™!

Because A Mouth Shouldn’t Be Arid2023-04-17T17:51:36-04:00
19 04, 2023

Sometimes, Saving The Day Is Easy!


When tragedy strikes, will you be ready? We know all too well that a dead cartridge, still full of precious oil, can ruin your sesh. Instead of mourning your loss, pick up an oil recovery kit and save the. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and never worry about this again!

Sometimes, Saving The Day Is Easy!2023-04-17T17:03:57-04:00
18 04, 2023

Everyone Likes To Save Money!


Things just got a little better at Happy Habits®, the company where a little bit of cheddar gets you a lot™. Save a bundle on these smoke and vape accessories with our sale that’s going on now through the 30th! What are you waiting for? Dab on down!™

Everyone Likes To Save Money!2023-04-17T16:06:52-04:00
14 04, 2023

Something For Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you like the DC Universe or Volcanos, we have themed ashtrays that will appear to everyone. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and find something that speaks to you!
Something For Everyone2023-04-12T15:49:53-04:00
11 04, 2023

Classic, Durable, Colorful


Whether you prefer simple and easy or you just like to keep it old school, we have an amazing assortment of metal pipes for you to choose from. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® and find what you’re looking for.

Classic, Durable, Colorful2023-04-06T15:22:02-04:00
9 04, 2023

Stale Smoke Begone!


If you’re smoking inside or hotboxing it in your car, eventually, you’re going to build up quite the smell! Smoke Odor Eliminator sprays will eliminate the funk and they come in many different scents. Dab on down™ to Happy Habits® to get one for your next smoke sesh!

Stale Smoke Begone!2023-04-06T15:03:30-04:00
8 04, 2023

Every Card Is A High Card


These higher-than-average-quality, plastic coated, weed-themed playing cards, by Aces High are perfect for that poker game turned smoke session. Happy Habits® is where a little bit of cheddar will get you a lot™.

Every Card Is A High Card2023-04-06T14:56:16-04:00


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