“Aw, jeez, Rick. Where are people who want to get their smoke on, going to go to get official Rick and Morty glassware?”

“They’re going to go *burp* to Happy Habits®, Morty! It’s the best head shop in any dimension! They have everything, Morty! They have hand pipes and water pipes and all kinds of accessories! It’s wonderful, Morty!”

“But isn’t there a shop, just down the street?”

“Yes, but only average people go there Morty. Jerry shops there. I *burrrrp* refuse to shop anywhere Jerry shops. Have I taught you nothing?!? Happy Habits® is better than Blips and Chitz, Morty! They always have what I want and at a good price too.”

“I guess we’re going on another adventure, huh Rick?”

“No. That’s the best part! They have a number of convenient locations, Morty! We’re going to get Rickety Rickety Wrecked!!!”