Rolling your own cigarettes can be time consuming, but even with a roller the issue of how to keep your freshly rolled cigarettes safe while you go about your day can be another issue. Instead of carrying the tobacco, wraps, filters, and roller around with you everywhere, why not invest in an affordable tin case? Here at Happy Habits, we offer a variety of patterns on basic metal cigarette cases for an affordable rate that makes buying multiples even easier if you want to double the amount. Each one can hold around 14 cigarettes—based on standard-sized,store-bought cigarettes. With an easy opening latch that doesn’t require nails or prying open with fingertips, it’ll increase the convenience of rolling your own cigarettes and you won’t need to worry about having to roll one when you’re out and about. Stop by your local Happy Habits today to see what options are available in-store. #HappyHabits #Wappingers #Poughkeepsie #Newburgh #Carmel #rollyourown #cigarettesandwhich #cigarettes