King’s Crown e-liquids are a sub brand from the Suicide Bunny company, a premium producer of e-liquids. The brand was started by Pip Gresham, who wanted to get her husband to quit smoking, a goal for many loved ones of smokers. Smoking was taking on Pip’s husband, as well as Pip herself, in emotional, medical, and financial ways, something that all families with smokers can relate to. At Happy Habits, we are proud to carry King’s Crown e-liquids because Pip only uses the best of the best ingredients. All of the ingredients the Suicide Bunny company uses are American made ingredients, and they go through the most thorough quality control processes, so you know you are only getting the best! People are raving about these e-liquids all over Instagram, Twitter, and the Suicide Bunny website. A lot of the reviews written on the website are thanking Pip for helping them break a horrible smoking habit. Pip’s e-liquids can help you or a loved one too, in a delicious way! Suicide Bunny fans also rave about the flavorings of the e-liquids with creative names, like “Bound by the Crown,” “The King,” “Fight your Fate,” and “Claim Your Throne.” These creatively marketed e-liquids include flavors like sweet custards, traditional fruit flavors, spices, butterscotch, brown sugar, and sweet creams. Come into one of our locations and find the perfect King’s Crown e-liquid for you, or for a gift for someone!