What would you say if I told you that you could get e-juice that tasted like crème brulee? You would probably be very excited because that’s an awesome offer, made by us at Happy Habits, to you! This special crème brulee flavor is brought to you by Jimmy the Juice Man e-juices.

The Jimmy the Juice Man company not only has a bunch of funky flavors, it also has a cool story behind it. It started off as one man, Jimmy, making e-juices in his home for himself in Chicago. His friends started asking him to make e-juices for them and also for their friends. Before too long, Jimmy’s homemade e-juices had created their own fan base in Chicago. Jimmy decided it wasn’t fair to deprive the rest of the world from his delicious e-juices, so he created the company and here we are today at Happy Habits, selling his awesome products!

Crème brulee is Jimmy’s most famous, unique and popular juice and is definitely one of our recommendations. We also have some other fantastic flavors to check out from our man Jimmy; Raspberry French, Strawberry Astronaut, Peachy Strawberry, Caramel Pear, or Shurb (as in Sherbet!) Stop into any of our locations to check this awesome brand and delicious flavors out!