Because e-cigarette smoking is a relatively new thing to our society, most people see the word “cigarette” or the smoke coming from a vaping tool, they automatically associate it with harmful tobacco smoking. However, countless research has proved this association to be incorrect. The public needs to be more educated on the facts about vaping, but how?

The U.S. FDA needs to be doing more applied research about vaping and publishing it. This past August, British health officials released a health report giving e-cigarettes a pretty much raving review. The report’s headline stated that e-cigarette smoking was around 95 percent safer than cigarette smoking. The study also stated that e-cigarettes should be publicized as a way to help smokers quit for good.

The U.S. needs to take steps in the same direction that England has in regards to encouraging e-cigarette use to help smokers quit. In the U.S., e-cigarettes are under the same restrictions that tobacco products are, yet they contain no tobacco, which simply isn’t fair! Because there is little to no publicity to help break the chain of e-cigarette prejudice, people aren’t getting the correct information about e-cigarettes. For tobacco smokers, this lack of information could cost them their lives.