As of this past weekend, in Pennsylvania there will be a 40 percent tax on all vaping products sold at smoke shops. This tax is official and has already taken effect, but certain lawmakers are trying to make positive changes for the vape business for the future, as this tax is expected to severely hurt business. A lot of vape shops are not chains, they are small businesses, and this tax could destroy small business.

Since so much research has been put forward proving that vaping does not harm people in any major way, nor those around them, and helps smokers quit, one would think that lawmakers would want to support vaping businesses. Vaping has been a crucial part of the process of quitting smoking for so many people, so it’s important that this business be promoted, for the sake of the health of smokers and those around them. This 40 percent tax could discourage a lot of people from beginning the process to quit smoking.

Although the tax has only been officially installed in Pennsylvania, this could be the start of outrageously high taxes on vape products across the countries. Because of this, it’s important to keep others informed about the benefits of vaping, so as a country, we can demand a plan to promote vaping businesses instead of discouraging them.