According to many former cigarette smokers, the presence of flavoring in vaping is a very alluring quality. There are so many flavors to choose from, and they obviously leave a better taste than pure tobacco. A study done at the University of Connecticut showed that e-cigarette flavors can help moderate vaping, because they are not addictive. The study also showed that e-cigarettes tremendously help people quit smoking.

Through the study, it was also discovered that the menthol flavored vape was most successful at minimizing cigarette use. Smokers using menthol e-cigarettes in the study reduced their use of both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes. It can be concluded that menthol can help eliminate the habit of tobacco smoking and eventually wane people off smoking all together.

Since a considerable amount of research has shown that e-cigarettes are relatively harmless, vaping has become very popular. The ability to choose from thousands of flavors is also very attractive to people. In addition, e-cigarettes can be used as a part of a process to quit tobacco smoking.