So you’ve bought a vape at Happy Habits and want to try some new tricks. Awesome! One of the most popular tricks is a classic O or Ring. Forming rings with smoke, or in this case, vapor has been around as long as smoke itself. Still, this classic trick is definitely an oldie but goodie. There are a few things to keep in mind before you start practicing blowing rings. It’s important when you’re first practicing to have as few variables as possible. Practicing in a room with little to no draft or airflow provides the consistency you’ll need to blow the perfect O. Also, e-liquid that is vegetable glycerin (VG) based will produce thicker vapor, making it easier to see where to adjust your technique.
To start, take a drag of your ecig or vape and don’t inhale completely into your lungs. The easiest way to make rings is to think of making a “fish face”. Gently blow the vapor out of your mount while opening and closing your mouth. This will help you get used to keeping the vapor in your throat and practice breath control. As you become more comfortable and blowing rings this way gets easier and you have more control over your breath, you can shape your lips into an “Ooo” shape and release the vapor using short, cough-like breaths, forming the perfect O!