It’s no secret that vaping is much more embraced in England than it is here. It’s also no secret that vapes and e-cigs are commonly used as a means to quit smoking. Companies in England are taking notice and are being supportive of employees trying to quit smoking. In fact, so much so that companies are giving vapers extra breaks to vape as needed. Some are also giving more frequent breaks than cigarette smokers because the nicotine from vapes hits at a lower rate than cigarettes. Public Health England is hoping that this will extend to companies that have banned cigarette smoking, and require people who vape and use e-cigs to use their devices outside with people who smoke. Creating special vape rooms at these companies will also differentiate between smokers and vapers, as well as help those using e-cigs and vapes as a means to quit avoid the cigarettes that they are trying to break their addiction from. Let’s hope these positive and helpful ideas make their way to this side of the globe too!